All your quality fresh produce, organics & gourmet foods in Rockingham

Extensive range of products
Organic and gourmet foods, fresh produce, bread, coffee and flowers
Fresh daily
The biggest selection of fruit & vegges
Barista-Made Coffee
A full range of hot, fresh coffees are now available
Fresh Bread
Delivered daily, a full range of baked goods now available
Seasonal fresh fruits
Juicy, healthy and delicious
Wide Ailes
Our new layout makes it eaasy for you to browse and move around so you can see everything we have to offer

Are you looking for the freshest fruit & veg,
organic and gourmet foods in Rockingham?

Welcome to Malibu Fresh Essentials.  You’ll find an extensive selection of organic and local products for the whole family.

Buy Local & Fresh

From seasonal fruit and veges, to home-cooked meals, to delicious hot coffee, and so much more, Malibu Fresh Essentials is the best store in the Rockingham area for the your groceries and produce

Take A Look Around The New Store

Coffee & Deli

Barista-made coffees & food

Bigger New Store

Plenty of space for trolleys

Ready Made Selection

Organics Products

Gourmet Selections

We'd like to invite you to come in and browse our
exciting new store

Grab a coffee and walk around, you'll never know what exciting new foods you'll discover